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Hour 4 Our World

Apply for membership in Hour 4 Our World

Membership Requirements

" reserves the right to determine the reasonable minimum standards for defining an “authorized CW Licensee.” The current standards are:

  • (a) Use terms time credits, time hours, timebank hours or service credits to describe the medium of exchange.
  • (b) Use the currency in accord with the standards and principles established by as the original home of timebanking as developed by Edgar S. Cahn, timebanking founder. These standards are essential to retaining the currency’s tax-exempt status.
  • (c) Operate in such a manner as to do no harm either to the reputation of the currency or to ..."


Please contact a coordinator with any questions you may have.  You may also want to visit the Action Hub or Wiki for lots of FAQ's and info or check out TimeBank USA's YouTube page for tutorials, news and more! 


The Hour 4 Our World Time Exchange is committed to building a sovereign, sustainable, and resilient community where everyone is equally valuable.  The Timebank is a simple, money-free, community building, alternative means of exchange, that recognizes value in every individual thereby strengthening the fabric of our community.

The Hour 4 Our World Time Exchange has three main goals:

  • Serve people and give them a means to serve.
  • Strengthen the fabric of our community.
  • Establish new relationships and meet real needs of our community members.

We recognize that each person has talents to share, and that the overall community is strengthened when neighbors help one another. For every hour that you help meet the needs of another member, you earn a time credit for the exchange. This time credit can then be redeemed for services from others, and the never-ending cycle of sharing continues.

Core Values of Timebanking

Assets: We are all assets. Everyone has something to contribute.

Work: Some work is beyond price. Work must be redefined to value whatever it takes to raise healthy children, build strong families, revitalize neighborhoods, make democracy work, advance social justice, and make the planet sustainable. That kind of work needs to be honored, recorded and rewarded.

Reciprocity: Helping works better as a two-way street. The question: How can I help you? Needs to change so we ask: “How can we help each other build the world we both will live in?”

Social Networks: We need each other. People helping each other reweave communities of support, strength and trust. Community is built upon sinking roots, building trust, creating networks that are built on mutual respect and commitment.

Respect: Respect demands accountability. The voices of all must be heard and heeded so as to promote social justices and compel accountability.


Getting Started with our TimeBank:

  1. Create a new login and you will be sent a notification email. (Please check your spam folder if you do not see it quickly.)
  2. Confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the notification so your coordinator may approve your membership;
  3. Please fill out your member profile.  Following are required: First and last name, email (or have "guardian angel") address, phone, county, and brief "about me."
  4. Attend an orientation (check the Timebank calendar) or complete an online orientation and complete the following:  

    Login to the Timebank and

    Post some TimeBanker's Talents that you have to offer other members.

    Post a Request for Services that other members can provide for you.

    Post an Offer for a service you can provide to other members. 

       *You earn 2 Time credits when you post your first Request and Offer.  Post more than one if you like - the more we exchange the better!

  5. Watch for membership approval!
  • You may ask your coordinator for help at Contact Us (also see the link at the top of the page)
  • You can read the software manual (see the 'Community Weaver Help Resources. also see the help link at the top of the page)


Ongoing Use of the TimeBank:

  • Feel free to respond to an offer or request. This is exactly how new sharing and relationships are built to strengthen our community.
  • Please respond in a timely manner to calls or emails you receive from your neighbors about the requests or offers you've posted.
  • After you've communicated with a neighbor and determined that a service exchange is appropriate, make specific arrangements (date and time) for the exchange.
  • Fulfill the exchange then post it on your account.
  • Come back and review offers and requests from other members.

Do this again and again to help keep our community alive and flourishing.